Acupuncture Happy Hour: Enjoy a 2000 year old vintage cocktail against anxiety and recharge


I have been seeing a lot of people with lots’ of anxiety who are totally stressed out and in need of recharging. It is either gruesome work schedules, over commitments, money or family or relationships or too much pain.   You name it!

In order to take care of a lot of people in this situation I host a special stress reduction and relaxation event called Acupuncture Happy Hour and it’s not like any other happy hour. We don’t serve alcohol. We serve something better: It’s an old vintage, over 2000 years old. Since its inception, this program has become very popular: Even more popular than our free Tai Chi classes!  acupuncture-hapy-hour2[1]

I serve up a cocktail of specific acupuncture points that are used to balance the energy, calm the mind, reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. It’s a simple and easy way to recharge the battery and become less anxious and stressed out in less than 30 minutes. People are generally amazed that by only using between 2 and 5 points they can feel on Cloud Nine in such a short period of time.

We host this event at our Center every other week, but also we go to you. We offer it at yoga studios, clinics, police departments, companies and at any organization that could use some stress reduction and that would like to offer their team such a wonderful, relaxing and recharging experience. It’s my way of giving simplified treatments back to the community at a very-reduced rate, $30 per person to be exact.  I would venture to say it’s the biggest bang for the littlest buck. Not to mention it’s very healthy.

This is how it works: Either at our Center or at your site each person receives a stress reduction and recharging treatment.  Treatments are performed on tables, recliners, chairs, sofas or on yoga mats.   Treatment can be in a group setting or individual.  Participants simply come in and when they are finished they feel renewed.  It is very simple and easy. Each person will have the needles on for about 20 minutes, with nice soft music, dimmed lights; and at the end we give them a nice cup of tea (we can also add some meditation-Qigong.) The point of this program is not to diagnose or treat illness, but to provide a really relaxing, recharging and stress reducing experience.

I hope you join us for our next happy hour or contact us for booking an Acupuncture Happy Hour event at your place.  It can be a real nice sharing experience.   I Hope to see you soon!


Tai Chi Philosophy And Practice: Regular Exercise and Tai Chi: Some Differences

Tai Chi Philosophy and Practice:

As we know, the evidence that exercise is essential for health and life is phenomenal.  We know how good it makes us feel, physically and mentally after we exercise no matter what type of exercise activity we undertake.  Thousands of studies have proven the great benefits of exercise to the psych and the soma. From more alertness, stronger heart, organs, bones, circulation, relaxation, better sleep, increased oxygenation of cells and tissues, stronger resistance to disease.  The benefits are so vast we could write thousands of pages to describe them.    We also know from life and the scientific evidence that exercise has an anti-ageing effect.  It keeps you younger and alive longer.  Any exercise is better than no exercise.  However, few systems are as integrated  and synchronistic as Tai Chi.

Holding the ball

Most people in the West are not really familiar with Tai Chi.  Most who know a little about it think that it is only a very slow form of movement.  They are correct, but it can also be explosive.  Many also think that Tai Chi does not stimulate endurance.  That it can’t build muscle and tendon strength and that it is not good for loosing weight and getting fit.   This is where they are incorrect.  A Tai Chi class done properly not only strengthens all the organs, but also builds stronger muscles, tendons and bones.  Tai Chi also builds significant endurance.  And a full class can run you into 400-600 calories.  Yes it is true, if the aged and ill are taking the class, then it will be extremely slow and soft.  The primary focus of this situation is to balance the mind-spirit and flow more Chi.  On the other hand, for people who are fit and in good shape, the slow and soft is combined with the low positions and their transitions, as well as weapons training, and this my friends develops major endurance.  Let’s not forget that Tai Chi provides an interesting paradox: the duality of a system that increases spiritual-energy connection (Shen-Chi) and also is a martial art with a significant weapons component.   A good practice sword can weight 10-15 pounds for example.  Executing a form with lower positions with a sword like this (or with a 7-foot spear with sword head) requires major focus and strength.  The movements of Tai Chi are specialized in the sense that they are designed to exercise and balance both:  the external aspects (bones, muscles and tendons); and the internal ones: the mind-spirit-energy continum (Shen-Chi).  Tai Chi purifies emotional energy.

Tai Chi is a system of synchronicity.  A tuning system for the flow of  Shen, Chi, blood and fluid (interstitial) through the organism.  Humans are the most spiritual among creatures.  This and intellect are the primary difference between humans and the rest of the animal world.  Physics has elucidated the existence of four major energies so far (Gravity, Electro-magnetic, strong and weak nuclear energy.)  However, it does not know how to understand Shen-Chi energy (Spiritual-vital energy) which is the fundamental root of the Chinese Tai Chi system.  So still the search for a Unified Energy Field is going to have to continue until modern physics finds a way to understand the other energy: Shen-Chi.

At the physical energy level,  Tai Chi’s philosophy on exercise is a little different than the Wests’ as well.   According to Tai Chi philosophy then, why is physical exercise so important and beneficial?  For maintaining proper circulation of blood, fluids and other vital substances that permeate the organs.  Stagnation is man’s greatest enemy.

The great Tai Chi master, Cheng Man-Ch’ing described it this way:   The difference from other animals is that we hold ourselves erect.  We are bi-pedal.  We are different from all other animals in this sense and this is a blessing and a curse.  It is a blessing in the sense that standing erect makes us more able to navigate the world and command it.  We are able to seat at a desk, build things with our intellect and hands, rather than having two frontal legs.  We are taller, can see above, reach higher, etc.  But being bi-pedal is a curse because in order to have these advantages we have to accept being much less sturdy, strong and healthy as compared to our more fierce, four legged companions.  They are not as intelligent as we are and they (except for birds) can not hold themselves erect.  But comparatively speaking, four legged animals enjoy better longevity than humans.  See, a tiger that lives 18 human years dies at roughly 126 human years.  Few humans have attained this longevity.  This is one, if not the main, reason why Tai Chi movements copy many of the movements of four legged animals.  But what is then the four legged advantage over humans in this sense as it relates to health and longevity?

According to Tai Chi philosophy, the reason that four legged animals are stronger, more fierce and sturdy than humans is due partly to the fact that their internal organs are suspended from a horizontal spine.  In other words, they hang from the “chords” of the nervous system that connect to the spine and are contained or encased by a different anatomical organization of the suspension muscles.   Therefore, the constant movement and vibrancy of a four legged animal and the hanging position of their internal organs protects them from stagnation of the interstitial fluid (that bathe the organs) and other vital substances.  In comparison, “both the spine and the internal organs of a human are vertically emplaced within a crowded space. The surfaces of the organs are contiguous.’  Therefore without movement (exercise or physical labor) the interstitial fluid and other vital substances of the internal organs become stagnated and the spine weakens.  Generally speaking, the first organs to deteriorate are the pancreas and stomach.  The next to weaken are the lungs and intestines: “The weakening of the organs and their suspension muscles eventually weaken the spine itself.”  The remedy to this cycle of deterioration towards ill health is movement.

Bottom line:  Exercise in general is of great importance to maintain overall health and avoid creeping stagnation.  Tai Chi can also develop endurance and muscular fitness but in particular provides and energetic dimension of flow which is very unique to this system and much more synchronistic.

On the next blog I will discuss the scientific and energetic understanding of how synchronicity and Shen-Chi work in bringing us towards balance, health and vitality.

Spring Cleaning, Re-starting and Rejuvenation


In every major culture, spring has always been a time to renew and to rid us of what is not necessary.  Rebirthing is also a sign that spring has arrived, as everything is being reborn.  Spring is the season to renew.  It is the time for reinvention, time to leave old hang-ups behind and start over again. This is done by all living things. You can see it right now in the trees.

During this time, it is a very good idea to engage in not just cleaning up the old stuff from your house and office, but also to do some internal cleaning and renewing. Detoxification is a way to renew, re-organize and revamp ourselves. So that everything is ready to flourish in the summer.

There are two types of detoxification.  Most people are only focused on one of these, which is the physical, body detoxification.  This one is very important but only as important as the second type, which is detoxification and renewing of the mind.

For example, a simple detoxification of the body can be accomplished by performing a one-day fast of fruits and lemon water.  But when you are doing this, you need to know that fasting and the rat race of everyday life do not go together.  So in order to add the second component, the mind detoxification, on that day you also meditate, clear your thoughts and avoid any work with the mind.  Stay tranquil at home and focus with your mind’s eye on the renewal process to come and revitalize your life.  This opens you up to better health, clear ideas and the creative process which will manifest in the summer.

So this is to your successful spring cleaning, transition and renewal!


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Daylight Savings might save time but may increase your risk of a heart attack

Did you know that adjusting the clock up by an hour in accordance with daylight savings time increases you chance of a heart attack?

Balance-tightrope1More heart attacks, suicides, car accidents, to name a few, continue to be associated with daylight savings time (DST). Best scientific reason given so far is that is interrupts our circadian rhythms.

Circadian rhythms are biological cycles that occur in humans, animals, insects, plants, and even bacteria with a period of approximately one day. This internal clock mediates daily variation in everything from hormone levels, to sleep/wake cycles, feeding behavior, thermoregulation, bowel movements and cardiovascular function, among many others. The Hypothalamus in our brains is the main regulatory center for all of this. It contains our bio-clocks.

It is largely due to these predictable circadian rhythms that risk of a myocardial infarction is significantly highest in the morning (by about 40% as compared to other times in the day) because our cardiovascular system is most compromised. For example, systolic blood pressure and heart rate show the largest upward spike, and our blood vessels ability to dilate in response to increased blood flow is also most compromised in the morning. Blood clots are more likely to form, and the ability to break them up is at its lowest point in the day.  Is it any wonder then, that the first snowfall – shoveled early in the morning by people at risk – always leads to a spike in heart attacks?

Research concludes that individuals have an approximately 5% greater risk of having a heart attack immediately after the ‘spring ahead’ clock change compared to the previous week. Researchers analyzed 2010-2013 data from hospitals in Michigan and found that they admitted an average of 32 heart attack patients on any given Monday. However, there was an average of eight additional heart attack patients (25 percent more) on the Monday immediately after Daylight Saving Time began. There was also a 21 percent decrease in the number of heart attack patients on the Tuesday after clocks were turned back an hour in the fall.

New findings support the results of previous studies that the change to Daylight Saving Time may be hazardous to your health; specifically, losing an hour of sleep may increase your risk for a heart attack the next day. The reason for the increased cardiac risk may relate to the effects of sleep deprivation. This throws off your body’s diurnal rhythms and compromises your immune function, interfering with your body’s ability to respond to stress, raising your blood pressure, etc…

What is the view of Chinese medicine on this subject? Principally, that it is much healthier to always follow the natural rhythm of the planet’s cycles. It is a similar view as that of not altering the circadian rhythm. But with an added caveat: that Chi – our energetic – flow in a two hour rhythm of circulation with an ebb and flow through all of the organs. This is called the Chi bio-clock. This continued rhythm of Chi flow begins every day its journey through our bodies at 1:00 am by entering the liver channel and its organ, the liver. At 3 am it enters the lungs and their channels… At 11 am it enters the heart, where the Chi is at its strongest circulation through this organ. In opposition, 12 hours later, at 11 pm the Heart Chi is at its weakest. Notice that the 11 pm to 1 am period is when the time is changed for day light saving. Exactly during the time when according to Chinese medicine, the heart Chi is at its weakest level.

The best thing would be to stop changing nature and give up on this crazy unnatural habit of changing time, especially considering all the detrimental effects that this practice may cause. But since this may not happen any time soon, you may be able to protect yourself by maintaining good sleeping habits; including sleeping in complete darkness. Consider waking up 30 minutes earlier on Saturday and Sunday in order to minimize the impact on Monday morning. Go outside in the sunlight early morning. Exercise regularly, manage your stress and eat a nutritious breakfast. Make sure you are consuming plenty of fresh, whole foods, and minimal amounts of processed foods and fast foods; while keeping your sugar consumption very low.

How can Acupuncture, Tui Na massage and cupping therapy help? By balancing the energy, strengthening organ circulation, reducing inflammation, relaxing the mind and improving sleep quality. Find out how the Sifre Center can help you REBALANCE for DST.

  • Fortify the heart Chi, kidneys and adrenal glands
  • Strengthen the digestive system
  • Reduce stress by calming the mind
  • Stimulate healthy circulation for the lungs and skin to help fight off viruses and flu.


Love is in the air!

This month we are providing two special experiences for those interested in not just looking better but in higher quality energy and wellness. We have a facial acupuncture-acupressure with exfoliating massage and a Comprehensive acupuncture and Tui Na Massage set for the relaxation, stress reduction, aches and pains and increase power. While these treatments are not gender-specific, we’ve made a little suggestion for your sweetheart!

Facial Acupuncture-Acupressure with Exfoliation:
Just like it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the face and its glow is the reflection of your vital energy. Acupuncture-acupressure rejuvenation is gaining popularity for those seeking an alternative to surgery and who are willing to experience the power of Chi in the name of beauty.
This is a non-surgical method of reducing the signs of aging and at the same time each session has a relaxing spa-like effect. The skin’s health, which is the body’s largest organ, decreases over time resulting in a loss of elasticity, nourishment, and moisture. Facial Acupuncture-acupressure can make up for this and it is very relaxing, stimulates blood flow and collagen production.

With this treatment you get:

  • The essential micro-needle points of the face and body detoxification system
  • A scrub with Jandience Chinese medicinals. This is Exfoliating system with the power of jade
  • Shoulder-neck-face acupressure Tui Na massage mini session

Our second option, the comprehensive acupuncture with the Tui Na Massage set is perfect for lifting the spirit and energy and for having that nice “Tune up” which is so necessary these days and that can help us remain healthy and strong.

With this treatment you get:

  • Acupuncture in the front of the body
  • Acupuncture in the Back
  • A Tui Na Massage set

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Welcome and Happy Holidays from the New Sifre Center!


Greetings to all our Sifre Center VIP community and Happy Holidays!  We have had a great year of many accomplishments helping our troops to be healthy and able to have much less stress.  The Tai Chi in the park with the meditation training continues to be a great resource for the VIPs and in the new year we will be adding more Tai Chi training, energy sensing and push hands play, to teach you how to sense and flow your Qi and how to deflect 300 lbs. of force with one ounce of force.

We have also redone our website and a new VIP section and blog have been added.  My intention is to make treatments and modalities specialties of the Sifre Center more affordable and accessible for you and your family and friends.  On the new site,  you can now find vouchers for products and services at reduced prices, gift certificates and other offers and discounts on events and classes.  The new blog will allow me to share with you new trends in acupuncture, Chinese, alternative-complementary medicines; share the latest research and best practices as well as important articles and discussions about herbs, homeopathy and energy medicine, among others.

Last but not the least, the redesign of our website comes with a brand new Qi store, where you can find herbal medicines, supplements, homeopathic, special vouchers and E-books at discounted prices.  We are still organizing it so that it is easier to navigate but you already can check it out.  We will continue growing the offerings of the Qi store and the VIP during 2015 (if you have not signed on, don’t delay and it’s FREE). Hopefully with all of this, we can provide you with better and more effective services for your holistic and functional healthcare needs.

May you and your family have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous new year and thank you for all your support!   Let’s keep the Qi flowing together.