Insurance & Payments

Insurance Verification Tool

Our practice may accept your insurance for acupuncture if you have a policy with out-of-network benefits. In order to best serve you we can verify your insurance benefits before you arrive. Please click on the link below and complete the online form. We will contact you as soon as your benefits information is determined in order to discuss your treatment options.


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Self-Pay Practice

We practice comprehensive, multi-modality,  medical acupuncture (CMA), functional medicine (which looks at every aspect of your life style, labs, stressors, sources of inflammation, possible other tests, untapped resources, trainings and referrals, etc…) and behavioral medicine.    While some health insurance companies may pay for a portion of your treatments, rarely will they cover the full cost of you receiving the most comprehensive level of care in acupuncture, behavioral and complementary (functional) health care that we so proudly provide as the Sifre Center signature (A, B, Cs) style of practice, to our patients.    Because of this, our practice requires that you pay for each session.

If insurance benefits are available we provide you with the appropriately itemized claim forms so that you can mail them (or we extend the courtesy of mailing them for you).  You, the patient, receive any reimbursement directly from your health insurance company.   While we thrive to help our patients in any way, shape or form, The Sifre Center L.L.C. is not responsible for any insurance disagreements, lack of payment or reimbursement to you, documentation demands, resolutions, letters or communications with any health insurance companies.  At the end of the day, we are a Self-Pay Practice and any insurance matters or problems are between you and your health insurance company to resolve.

Any health insurance reimbursement for patients who have coverage for any of our health care services will depend on your type of policy and on whether or not you have Out-Of-Network benefits.   You are welcome to contact us and we will help you verify what kind of benefits (if any) and coverage you may have.

We Always Try to Accommodate Our Patients:

In order to help people who sincerely may not be able to afford our normal fee-for-service, we provide a number of programs, like a discounted 5-session package which provides a significant discount (20-30%) off our regular fees.   We also provide vouchers you may purchase and other discounts and special offers through our VIP electronic news letter and at the sifre center Qi store on this website.  Do not hesitate to discuss your particular situation with us and we will always try to find a way to provide you with the high quality health care and attention you deserve.

Payments & Policies

We accept all forms of payment including Wage Works and similar health savings account programs for out of pocket, health expenses.   We have three types of visits:

  • Comprehensive medical acupuncture Initial Visit or Follow up visit 90 minutes one-on-One $225
  • Comprehensive medical acupuncture Initial Visit or Follow up visit 60 minutes one-on-one $160
  • Acupuncture $90

Cancellation Policy

24 hour cancelation policy or a $75 dollar fee will be assessed. No exceptions except illness. We accept only phone calls and emails as a form of cancellation notice.