Our Services

Programs with Intensive Focusservices

You may choose one therapy (e.g., acupuncture) or our signature ABC approach to help a wide range of conditions.

  • Acupuncture, non-comprehensive: 1 Unit point prescription of Treatment $90
  • Life-Style & Stress Counseling-Coaching $160
  • Functional Medicine Consults — Nutrition Counseling $160
  • Auricular Acupuncture Detoxification $90
  • Low Level Laser $25 per unit/area up to four units/areas
  • Electro-Acupuncture $160
  • Acupuncture Facials $180
  • Tui Na Massage $75
  • Full Cupping and Infrared Light Therapy $75
  • Moxibustion $75
  • I Ching Consult $120
  • Tong-Ren Therapy for Cancer/Medical Qigong $90
  • Tai Chi-Qigong Private One-On-One session $120
  • Meditation Training Private One-On-One $90


ABC Programs Provide Results
“The advantage of our signature ABC approach is that the therapeutic response is often enhanced through brief yet well thought out and intensive focus.” Santiago Sifre, A.P.

Pain and Inflammation
Acupuncture –Cupping – Herbs –Tui Na Massage –Tai Chi
Outcomes show consistent and replicable improvements in pain and numbness (including peripheral neuropathy) in a wide range of conditions.

“I was saddled with horrible migraines for years and saw many specialists for this problem to no real avail. Now my headaches are rare, I know how to recognize the process and rarely take medications for this anymore.” Female age 31

Complementary Cancer Program
Acupuncture – Tong Ren – MBSR – Qigong
Outcomes show consistent and replicable reductions in pain and utilization of pain medication, depression, anxiety, fatigue, emesis and side effects of chemo and radiation.
This program is designed to support conventional cancer treatment:

“I was diagnosed with an aggressive type of lymphoma while also having HIV disease. I’m now in remission after 4 rounds of chemo and my doctors have been amazed at how well I tolerated treatment, calling my response “very unusual”. I believe that my
treatments at The Sifre Center have a lot to do with this.” Male age 48

Enhance Menses, Fertility, Menopause
Acupuncture – CBSR – Herbal Medicine – Tai Chi
This protocol enhances menstrual health, may improve menopause symptoms and bone health and naturally help increase fertility outcomes. Our work in pregnancy has been featured in the Telemundo network.

“After being unable to get pregnant through conventional fertility treatments I was
able to achieve my dream of being pregnant while receiving treatment
for infertility at The Sifre Center.” Female age 43

Anxiety, Depression, Stress Reduction
Acupuncture – MBSR – Health Psychology – Meditation
This protocol may improve mood, reduce stress and provides tools that put clients in control.

“Through the mindfulness workshops and meditation, I have controlled my
hypertension and anxiety without drugs” Male age 50