Ms. Erin Lucas

Back in late 2010, I suffered a severe asthma attack for which I was hospitalized for 8 days. I had never had asthma before. My Aunt, who has been an acupuncture physician for 15+ years and is on the Florida Board of Acupuncture, administered acupuncture daily while I was in the hospital. When I was released from the hospital my Aunt had to return home. She looked into finding me the best acupuncture physician, so she could return home confident that she was leaving me in the best hands she could.

She found Santiago Sifre.

To make a long story short, my treatments with Santiago have been life saving.
Not only did his treatments abet my asthma symptoms, but they also helped my anxiety levels immensely. After being diagnosed with adult onset asthma, one can imagine how traumatized I was. I was also on large amounts of steroids, and that didn’t help matters. Santiago, sat with me and listened, really listened to what I shared with him about my physical symptoms and my mental symptoms, and always came up with a plan that left me leaving his office feeling better. Every time. My asthma has been under control for some time, and I am confident that acupuncture has been a major contributor to that.
I have been seeing Santiago ever since. Sometimes its once per week,; sometimes its once per month.

If I am having symptoms of asthma; I go to Santiago. If I am fighting a virus; I go to Santiago. If I am stressed out; I go to Santiago. If I have PMS; I go to Santiago. Sometimes I just go, because I feel so great after a treatment.
He is a great healer and physician.
He is a great listener, and a man of compassion & consciousness.

I give thanks for Santiago every day.


Erin Lucas

Mr. Gaston Macao

Dear Dr. Sifre, I was blessed when my son, Marcos, first introduced me to you. I have no words to thank you for all you did for him when he was going through acupuncture school, and what you have done for us since then. Your Tai chi, Qi-Gong training on Saturdays, as well as our (coffee sessions) have improved our health as well as treating us with acupuncture and massage. I have met many of your patients and all have something in common, they love you, and we do too.
Thank you for your unconditional friendship, you have ours too 😉

God bless you,

Gaston L Macau


Dr. Sameet Kumar, Ph.D.

I’ve sent several cancer patients who are getting chemotherapy to the Sifre Clinic over the years. They all uniformly have fewer side effects and are better able to tolerate treatment. In many instances, patients were able to tolerate life-saving treatments they were unable to before coming here.

Sameet Kumar, Ph.D. Clinical Psycho-Oncologist

Jennifer Porciello

Santiago Sifre is an acupuncturist not only to me but also to my family. He has helped our family continually throughout the years, even my children. The most pertinent was dealing with my infertility. After years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive using all the current available methods, I was classified into the unknown category. After seeing Santiago for this issue along with others, I not only had success conceiving but also was able to mange my stress levels and had a very smooth/ easy 3-hour delivery.

Santiago has always practiced utilizing the most cutting edge techniques in Acupuncture. Today when I see segments on the news highlighting cupping or mini face-lifts using acupuncture, I laugh and say to myself, “it is about time mainstream is catching on to the wonderful benefits of drug free acupuncture.” Santiago has treated me for many years and has always been years ahead of the curve with his treatment plan. I highly recommend the Sifre Center as one of leaders in the acupuncture world.

With pleasure,

Jennifer Porciello

Francisco Rivera, Ac. D.

Dr. Santiago Sifre is an alumni of the New England School of Acupuncture ’96, the preeminent and oldest acupuncture medical school in the U.S. (Founded in 1976). He was my classmate and was one of the top students in our class. As a professional I have to say firsthand, that he is very well liked and respected by everyone who gets in touch with him. Not only is he a very accomplished clinician; but beyond that, it is his integrity and concern for his patients, as a healer, that makes the difference for anyone who sees him: always doing the research and working on the insight necessary to make a great difference in someone’s health.

Francisco Rivera, Ac. D.

Susan Karvelis

I own a Pilates Studio close to Santiago’s office and have known him for about 6 years.

I have sent clients, friends, and relatives to him many times and have always received very positive feedback from them. His professionalism, knowledge, patience and results along with his positive attitude are why they keep returning. I also have been many times and of course I love him too!

Susie Karvelis
SoBe Pilates


Ann Brussel

The acupuncture treatments that I have received from Dr. Santiago Sifre serve to relax my entire body from head to toe and often lower my blood pressure readings after the treatments. Relaxation is not easy to come by in our hectic society – Dr. Sifre’s acupuncture treatments improve the quality of my life.

Ann Brussel

Phil S.


I am writing as a patient of yours to endorse your services. I came to you after having a cancerous lung nodule removed and was seeking alternative therapy to help my body recover and gather strength to fight off any other cancerous cells in my body. I wanted someone who understood the importance of Western medicine but could coordinate a plan to enhance recovery and strengthen my body to fight any future disease I may encounter. Someone to “fill in the gaps” that Western medicine leave open. You and your clinic have exceeded my expectation. I have referred others to you and they have come away with the same great results. I live in Chicago six months a year and South Beach six months a year and have found no other person or clinic with the knowledge and care of the Sifre Center. I only wish you would open another clinic in Chicago…
I highly recommend you and the Sifre Center to anyone looking to enhance their health and well-being.

Phil S.


Dear Dr. Sifre,

Your practice is one of the most complete and comprehensive that I have ever seen or experienced. You have been able to change my life in such a positive and healthy way.
Warm regards,


Amy Segal

Santiago, you are my healer, my guardian angle. You saved me. I couldn’t stand straight up with a herniated and degenerated disc L4-5. After intensive treatment for a few months, I am back to teaching indoor cycling and lifting my three year old. I am forever grateful.

Amy Segal

Dan Radcliffe

I have received wellness and problem-focused treatments from Santiago Sifre over the past 12 years. This man is an authentic Taoist who regularly embodies the values he promotes! For me, this makes his talk of “chi” more than academic. By itself, his grasp of TCM and the physiology of acupuncture seems fluid, highly knowledgeable, and worth the price of admission. However, I believe I have experienced an even deeper level of relief and healing as a result of Santiago’s “practicing what he preaches”. By all means, go get needled, but don’t forget to check out the Saturday Tai Chi / Qi-Gong class.

Dan Radcliffe

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