About Us

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In practice since 1997, The Sifre Center provides a system of comprehensive medical Acupuncture, Functional and Behavioral Medicine that is person-centered and mindfulness-based. Evidence-based, clinically effective practices such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and meditation training, Tai Chi-Qigong, cellular reactivity testing, acupuncture-based addiction detoxification; as well as mindfulness-based stress reduction and psychology provide expanded alternatives for better lifestyle, physical and mental health and overall living.

We believe that the nexus of acupuncture, lifestyle enhancement, mindfulness practices and a sound and comprehensive functional medicine approach is where the best 21-century health care lies. In fact, we instituted this model in 1996 and have been following it ever since we great success and marveling at the results. Our patients are grateful for the results that this approach provides and because we are detailed-oriented and artisanal throughout; and because of our emphasis on happiness building through wellness and energy lifestyle.
An acupuncture physician, psychologist or behavioral medicine consultant must be able to present to the patient a clear insight into the person’s condition and how to best improve this condition. In the case of acupuncture or Chinese functional medicine this is particularly important to the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment: where and why is the dis ease occurring and what fundamental corrections will help solve it. In other words: a mindfulness-based approach on how to institute changes in the realm and energy systems to accomplish this, along with the support necessary to implement it. This is a unique ingredient that we are so proud to offer our people.

About Us

Founded in 1997 our mission statement is to provide the highest and most advanced level of comprehensive, professional acupuncture, behavioral and complementary medicine to the community at large. When Santiago Sifre founded the center, one of his main goals was to organize it as an “umbrella” group of experts in the field of medicine, acupuncture, psychology, psychiatry and complementary-alternative medicine and methods (CAM). That is why at our Center you may access the services of professionals in these fields who have a holistic, person-centered philosophy in common: not just in terms of how to improve the health and lifestyle of the people, but in terms of contributing to the inspiration, motivation and support of their efforts to become truly healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Our Purpose

To Increase Health & Wellbeing

  • by providing professional, safe, and effective therapies backed by research and clinical outcome.
  • by collaborating with clients and other health practitioners.
  • by providing consultations and guidance within the field of complementary-alternative health care
  • and mindfulness-based practice.
  • by reducing stress.