The 10 Day Healing Fast

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This self treatment creates a cellular detoxification ( cleansing ) and rejuvenation process.




If you are recovering from or going through any health process, or if you just want to improve your wellness,  this technique to healing and recovering health will be very useful. Best of every thing? You can do it yourself. You won’t need any experts or be charged thousands of dollars by your health insurance or “ doctors “ 

No Co-pays or deductibles. 


So get ready because For 10 days you will practically not eat according to what you are used to. But you will reap a tremendous benefit. 


  1. Day Starts at 6:30 am at least
  2. that means that you have to regulate your 10 days by first going to bed earlier and getting up early.  
  3. First thing after you wake up: 15 minutes of breathing-meditation and/or exercise at home. No trainers. You have to figure it out. Use YouTube videos if in need of how to get this done 
  4. Follow this routine with 2 lemons Squeezed, 1 ounce of aloe gel, 8 ounces of water. Stir well and drink. 
  5. 2 eggs for breakfast if you can or other protein you can have
  6. Make a Jar of green tea with ginger any type but no sugar -  you may add 1 ounce of honey -  sip through the day.
  7. 12:30 pm: Now you are really hungry. Hold it and have a green salad with some protein
  8. More green tea with ginger, warmed better. add lemon if you want 
  9. It’s 3 pm and you are hungry: eat your 🍎, or maybe leftovers of green salad. 
  10. Doesn’t matter what No white rice, pasta, cereals, bread or sugary treats. 
  11. Night has come. You made it! More green tea with ginger. You may have a non sugar snack. Like a bunch of raspberries or blue berries, or more green salad. Or a little brown rice. 
  12. Now you go for a walk, followed by 10 minute of relaxation and then to sleep  cultivation. 


Next Day ( Day 2 ) Repeat it all over again for the following 9 days. 




  1. Add to this the HEVERT Homeopathic Detox Kit protocol. 
  2. Get the Fastic app to monitor yourself better 
  3. There are great herbal medicine protocols to help you in this process
  4. Remember: it’s just 10 days.


If you need further support doing this or about anything else you are concerned with your health, reach out to me at

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