Specialties & Outcomes

Specializing in: 

  • Fertility to Delivery: the complete spectrum of female/male (ED) infertility, natural pregnancy care and birth stimulation 
  • Mood disorders/stress reduction/ADD (adults and children)
  • Immunology - Acupuncture Oncology 
  • Pain & inflammation 
  • Chronic internal medicine conditions (obesity, diabetes, ms, etc)


You, our prospective client, patient and consumer, want to know if we will be able to help you because you want to feel better and your resources may be limited. The Sifre Center can not guarantee any outcome, but we do believe that you will find our work together to be worthwhile and of high value. To give you an idea of what we have done, we estimate that between our clinic and outpatient settings we have seen thousands of people who have sought our help. We believe that over 85% of these have seen improvements in their condition, have been very satisfied with the results of treatment and with our philosophy of providing the time and care necessary to help them and not just treat them. A partial list of our success shows that we have helped:

  • Over 2,000 cases of chronic back, disc and leg pain and numbness, allergies, EBS, recurrent migraines, plantar fasciitis or neck pain significantly reduce or eliminate their pain;
  • Over 300 cases of carpal tunnel and/or tendonitis-inflammatory syndromes often avoiding surgery; over 200 cases of hypertension and cardio-vascular disease; over 900 with HIV disease and other immune disorders radically improve their health and significantly improve their labs;
  • Over 200 cases of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue recover their energy and significantly reduce if not eliminate pain;
  • More than 50 people with chronic recurrent herpetic infection, that showed poor clinical responses to conventional pharmaceutical approaches substantially reduce pain and control flare-ups without drugs and their potential hepatotoxic risks;
  • Over 200 people with post-surgical recovery improve outcomes in the speed of recovery;
  • Over 50 patients with gallbladder disease avoid surgery;
  • Over 100 patients with Type1 and Type 2 diabetes significantly improve their health and laboratory outcomes and reduce the use of pharmaceuticals;
  • Over 500 women regulate their menstruation, improve their hormonal profiles, reduce inflammatory conditions of the reproductive organs and increase fertility outcomes;
  • Over 500 women (and males) with infertility issues conceive and also have a natural childbirth through acupuncture induction and over 100 breached babies turned;
  • More than 100 cases of diabetics improve and control their condition
  • Over 500 people with pancreatic, prostate, liver, lung, brain, breast and gynecological cancers greatly surpass the expected conventional medicine outcomes and significantly improve their treatment experience and survival;
  • Over 300 people improve their symptoms and re-direct the understanding of mind-body processes and health issues which often contribute to depression, anxiety and stress disorders; insomnia and addictive patterns of behavior;
  • Over 200 children with diabetes, allergies, chronic-recurrent infections, ADHD, asthma or seizures.

We will continue making this our life’s work for your health and ours!