The Anti-Anxiety: Overcoming the Human Condition Companion

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Anxiety has been a part of the human condition for over 3 million years. It has been a natural part of our survival, allowing us to be vigilant in dangerous situations and make quick decisions. However, anxiety can become overwhelming, leading to clinical anxiety, which can affect our mental and physical well-being.

As we experience life, we accumulate experiences that shape our thinking systems related to those experiences, our reactivity to them, and our expectations and resentments. This compilation of experiences is what contributes to clinical anxiety generalized disorder. Moreover, anxiety is also historical, as we receive psychic energy from our group and civilization's history, what in Jungian Psychology is called the Collective Unconscious.

At the Sifre Center, we believe that the key to overcoming anxiety is to look under the hood of the human mind continuum, to understand where anxiety comes from and how it thrives, and then implement tools and practices to neutralize it.

We use acupuncture and herbal compounds to help patients overcome the acute phase of anxiety safely and healthily. Our patients also learn the technique we call Looking Under the Hood, which is a process of understanding the root cause of anxiety and how to neutralize it. We teach meditation, visualization, and Qigong to instill powerful grounding and help patients understand the energetics of their specific feelings and thoughts driving anxiety.

It's essential to note that anxiety is the human condition, and we cannot disavow ourselves from our ancestors, even if we are entirely disconnected. Therefore, instead of rejecting anxiety, we invite you to embrace it, understand it, and learn how to control it.

Overcoming anxiety requires a holistic approach that includes understanding the root cause, using alternative therapies, and developing practical tools and practices. Our goal at the Sifre Center is to help you leave anxiety behind and embrace your potential for happiness.

If you are struggling with anxiety and want to overcome it, visit our website,, to learn more about our services. Even if you can't see us in person, we offer Telehealth appointments so that you can access our services from anywhere.

Anxiety is a part of the human condition, but it doesn't have to control our lives. We can learn to understand it and control it, and that's where the Sifre Center comes in. Let us help you overcome anxiety and embrace your potential for happiness.

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