The Benefits of Telehealth

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Telehealth is increasingly growing in popularity and use. We've had a glimpse of that growth in the last couple of months due to the Pandemic we've been facing. Doctors have been using this virtual method of healthcare for years, however this year there has been a spike.

It's pretty obvious why both doctors and patients alike can benefit from this new method of healthcare. It's faster, reliable, and offers no distractions. 

Telehealth offers further reach. Meaning that we can get to patients in rural areas, or places that make it difficult to travel to and from, and we can even treat patients who aren't able to travel. There is more flexibility when it comes to seeing patients. Flexibility that might not be possible in person. 

There is no wait time and you have a lower chance of becoming ill--a risk we all take when we visit a medical facility filled with patients. 

With this virtual form of healthcare, you can save time, money and effort. You can save on things like gas, parking, care expenses if you have a child or someone at home in need of care services. In fact, Oregon Health and Science University saved their patients $6.4 million annually in travel costs.  

In my case I have been practicing Telehealth with selective patients for a while longer.  Primarily, I was practicing Chi Gong and Tong Ren energy medicine sessions with my patients that live far away, or in other states and countries.

There are a few other things I am able to accomplish with this medium.  True, it is not possible to conduct a full physical examination or evaluation only with Telehealth.  And obviously,  acupuncture, cupping, Tui Na massage require physical contact and treatment.  However,  I am able to conduct a full intake and interview with my patient via Telehealth.  I can also get very good insight on how they are feeling and inspect their Tongue, which as some of you know, in Chinese Medicine is a major form of examination and diagnosis.

By conducting the initial intake via secure HIPAA-regulated Telehealth, the patient does not need to be in my office.  If acupuncture, injectables, etc. and other forms of physical medicine and examinations are needed then the patient comes to the clinic for this.  But when these are not needed or the person lives far away I am able to prescribe appropriate herbs, Homeopathic medicines and send them directly to the patients home with clear instructions.  I am also able to teach them a number of self-care practices they can immediately implement themselves.  I can also practice energy medicine techniques, stress reduction techniques and even meditation techniques with the patient without the need to be in the same location.

You can always get in touch with me, if you desired more information or to schedule a Telehealth appointment, through our website, call, or email (305-672-4403 | You can also schedule your Telehealth appointment from our "BOOK NOW" button on our homepage. 

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