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  • Post-partum fatigue

  • Dysmenorrhea - Cold signs

  • Postpartum - post childbirth, post-surgery - post childbirth support

  • Tonic formula - Tonify Qi

  • Tonic formula - Nourish blood

  • Menstrual bleeding (excess) - Cold

  • Fatigue - Post-partum of post-surgery

  • Menses, Delayed - Deficiency of blood, qi and blood stagnation

  • Post-Partum fatigue - Qi and blood deficiency

  • Post-Partum fatigue - Qi, blood, kidney deficiency

  • Uterine Bleeding - Cold

Therapeutic Actions

1. Useful for woman with fatigue and dysmenorrhea as a result of childbirth, surgery, abortions, lifestyle
2. Initiates uterine contraction and clears retained uterine blood following childbirth
3. Dispel retained placenta
4. Stop mild bleeding
5. Reduce pain and abdominal cramping


Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Tonify spleen qi
Invigorate blood and dispels stasis
Tonify blood
Stop deficiency bleeding
Nourish jing (kidney essence)
Stop pain



Internal: 3 tablets, TID, between meals
270 tablets, 750 mg, 30 day supply

1. Heavy bleeding
2. Deficiency heat syndrome, with night sweating, hot soles and palms



  • Ginseng root ren shen

  • Astragalus root huang qi

  • Rehmannia (cooked) root shu di huang

  • Salvia root dan shen

  • Poria sclerotium fu ling

  • Leonurus herb yi mu cao

  • Tang Kuei root dang gui

  • White Peony root bai shao

  • Ho-shou-wu root he shou wu

  • White Atractylodes rhizome bai zhu

  • Ligusticum root chuan xiong

  • Gelatinum e jiao

  • Crataegus fruit shan zha

  • Rubia root qian cao gen

  • Citrus peel chen pi

  • Artemisia flower ai ye

  • Licorice root gan cao