Our Services

"The comprehensive medical acupuncture experience utilizes the classical examination method of the pulse-taking and tongue examination, as well as the patient bio chemistry to guide the treatment process"`

Santiago graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture (1996) and was mentored by Chinese master Tomas Tam. He is a highly skilled diagnostician and eclectic practitioner with a significant level of experience in areas such as pain and inflammation, degenerative diseases like cancer and diabetes and mood disorders. Santiago has helped hundreds of women with fertility, have a natural, vaginal birth and has helped successfully turned tens of breached babies. He is also one of a few acupuncturists in the Miami-Dade area with significant experience treating children. Santiago worked as an acupuncture physician and researcher at the University of Miami School of Medicine and at Community Healthcare of Broward, where he headed the HIV acupuncture program. He has done extensive work in institutional settings as a clinician and consultant; and has presented and written about acupuncture, relaxation, complementary- alternative medicines (CAM). He has practiced and taught Tai Chi, meditation and Qigong since 1986. 



  • Level 1: Comprehensive Medical-Energy-Behavioral Acupuncture Visit 90 Minutes $275


  • Level 2: Comprehensive Medical Acupuncture Visit 60 Minutes $225


  • Level 3: Problem-Focused Acupuncture Visit 1 Unit 30 Minutes $180


  • Telehealth Comprehensive Virtual Visit $140 - $225

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Non Acupuncture:

  • Functional biochemical analysis
  • Health Check-Ups (Blood Pressure, Urinalysis, Auscultation, Physical Examination)
  • Customized herbal medicine formulas
  • Electro Therapy (Skeleto-muscular Inflammation-Pain Management)
  • Electro stimulation of acupuncture points meridians without needles
  • Health Coaching/Mental Health/Stress Counseling
  • Homeopathic Consults and Remedy preparation
  • Tui Na Chinese Massage (max 2 UNITS)
  • Cupping Therapy (Detox and Skeleto-muscular pain management
  • Moxibustion (Medicinal herbal heat therapy applied to acupoints)
  • Tong-Ren Therapy for Cancer/Medical Qigong (Energy medicine)
  • Tai Chi-Qigong Private One-On-One
  • Meditation Training Private One-On-One
  • Auricular (ear) Low Level Laser (for Children, Addictions & Detoxification)