Drain Dampness - Wu Ling San, Health Concerns 90's

Drain Dampness - Wu Ling San, Health Concerns 90's

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Drain Dampness
Hoelen Five Herbal Supplement
Wu Ling San
90 Tablets


Edema - Acute
Edema - Edema with Arthritis
Edema - Chronic
Water Retention
Urinary Retention

Therapeutic Actions
Diuretic, diaphoretic

Primary indications are edema, difficulty in urination, sensation of heaviness
Secondary considerations are thirst, headaches, vomiting, foamy saliva, and pulsations below the naval
In China this formula may be used to treat chronic nephritic edema, acute gastritis, cardiac edema, ascites due to liver cirrhosis, urinary retention, scrotal hydrocele, acute enteritis with diarrhea, cholera, prostatic hypertrophy
According to Formulas and Strategies this formula may be effective for nephritis, renal failure, ascites from liver cirrhosis, Meniere's disease, hepatitis, gastroptosis, gastrectasis, gastroenteritis, enteritis, genitourinary infections, neurogenic bladder syndrome, and hydrocele

Chinese Therapeutic Effects
Stagnation of water and dampness in the body
Strengthen the spleen
Administration What is This?
Internal: 3 tablets TID, between meals
90 tablets, 750 mg, 10 day supply

Formula Rationale
This is an ancient formula traditionally known as Wu Ling San. It is for problems with water metabolism. An accumulation of water produces edema, and sensations of heaviness. There may be congested fluids below the navel causing pulsations, or congestion of fluids in the lungs causing coughing. Due to the excess water the digestive system is disrupted which may cause vomiting and/or diarrhea.

Alisma (ze xie) and poria (fu ling) and polyporus (zhu ling) leach dampness and promotes urination. Together they help drain heat from the bladder poria and atractylodes (bai zhu) strengthen the spleen, which aids in the transformation and transportation of fluids. Cinnamon twig (gui zhi) assists the bladder in discharging urine, and dispels pathogens for the exterior. Cinnamon twig also warms the gate of vitality which in turns helps the spleen qi regulate dampness.

Alisma rhizome ze xie
Poria sclerotium fu ling
Polyporus sclerotium zhu ling
Cinnamon twig gui zhi
White Atractylodes rhizome bai zhu
Additional Formulas What is This?

This is an excellent formula for temporary edema such as found during jet travel if taken a few days before, during, and after the flight
For arthritic type conditions involving pain and swelling combine with Mobility 2
For weak Kidney combine with Rehmannia 8
For stronger effects combine with Aquilaria 22 to unblock Qi