Eucommia and Rehmannia Combo 60 tabs

Eucommia and Rehmannia Combo 60 tabs

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Shu di huang (rehmannia root prepared)
Du zhong (Eucommia bark)
Shan zhu yu (Asiatic cornelian cherry)
Bu gu zhi (Psoralea fruit)
Dang gui shen (Dong quai root)
Zhi fu zi (sichuan aconite root)
Gou qi zi (Lycium fruit)
Rou gui (Chinese cinnamon bark)
Shan yao (Chinese yam rhizome)
Tu si zi (Chinese dodder seed)

Therapeutic Functions:

This formula will warm and tonify Kidney Yang, replenishes essence, and tonify Blood.

Indications (Symptoms):

Occasional chills, low back weakness or stiffness

Mild to moderate urinary incontinence or excessive urination

Weak pulse with a purplish tongue

Supports a healthy urinary tract

Cautions & Contraindications:

Damp conditions: productive cough, seborrhea oleosa, yeast infection, vomiting, mucoid discharges