Flu Season Bundle

Flu Season Bundle

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In my opinion, these are the essential four supplements to help keep us healthy through this time (normally $145/you save 10%+free shipping). 

Offer valid while supplies last. 

And as always, these products come with the backing of Dr. Santiago's 24 years of practice. 


About this bundle: 

This combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs are the best combination for immune enhancement to tackle flu-like symptoms right now. 

  1. Cordyceps 3 contains the 3 most powerful chinese medicinal herbs for strengthening the immune system (increasing T-cells and other immune responses), and tackling respiratory symptoms: Cordyceps, Red Panax Ginseng and Astragalus. 
  2. Clinical research shows that a combination of Zinc Oxide + Vitamin D can be effective in the treatment of Flu-like symptoms. 
  3. Zhong Gan Ling - Chinese medicine antiviral taken at the first sign of Flu-like symptoms. 

The Cordyceps 3 formula is taken at 3 capsules a day for supplementation and increased as per the instructions son the bottle if needed. And the Zinc Oxide + Vitamin D is also taken every day, according to the instructions on the bottle. The Zhong Gan Ling is only taken at the first sign of Flu-like symptoms according to the instructions on the bottle, every four hours.