Open the Liver Canals

Open the Liver Canals

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Chai hu (Bupleurum root)
Huang qin (Chinese skullcap root)
Shi zhu hong ren shen (Chinese red ginseng root)
Yu jin (Tirmeric root tuber)
Fa ban xia (Licorice cured pinellia rhizome)
Gan Cao (Chinese licorice root)
Gan jiang (Dried ginger rhizome)
Hong zao (Red jujube fruit)

Therapeutic Functions:

This formula expels pathogens from the Shao Yang, ensures smooth flow of Qi.

Indications (Symptoms):

Shortness of breath, persistent dry cough, vomiting

Restlessness, loss of balance, urinary incontinence

Generalized debility and weakness

Abdominal distention