Telehealth Consults & Virtual Treatments

Telehealth Consults & Virtual Treatments

  • $190.00

These are one-on-one sessions via secure Telehealth video, where Dr. Santiago provides you with tools to improve your health. Recommendations on practices, nutrition, support in changing lifestyle habits, analysis of your health info, including labs and consults you may have had with other practitioners; supported by comprehensive intaking of your health and life situation; recommendations on what therapeutic modality might help you; herbal vitamin; homeopathic supplementation appropriate for your condition, etc...

These sessions are intended to help you supplement and improve your health practices and lifestyle. They are not intended to replace your medical treatments, but to compliment them.

No claims are being made about curing your condition. An intake form must filled and signed via email before the session starts. 

The Telehealth meeting starts at $90 and may range up to $180, depending on your particular needs.